Latest 10 Polls by mattoblivium

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41315 Waht emote do we want next? Follower 41
41006 Which class? Normal 63
41001 Which class? Normal 61
40999 Which class? Normal 52
40997 Which class? Normal 41
40954 Which class? Normal 57
40950 Which class? Normal 60
40947 Which class? Normal 57

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823It's that time again! What game do we play on the variety streams?!Followers106
625What gameunknown45
311We are going to do a couple of daystreams and late streams with a Dark Souls franchise playthrough to prepare for DS 3! What kind of build/challenge should we do for DS1?unknown0
287What game should we play on a late stream? Multiplayer is cool, but Visual novels, Racing and Sports games are prolly all a no thoughFollowers41