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Poll ID Question Poll type Votes
37134 aewrgtesafrdhysdfhdsrfhg unknown 41
36803 Activater Games for Friday: (Select up to 3) Normal 120
36802 asd: Normal 0
36801 "asd" - asd - asd || asd II (asd) Normal 0
36800 asd - asd - asd || asd II asd Normal 0
36004 Game unknown 500
35976 players unknown 90
35975 Last Game unknown 25

Latest 10 Text Input Polls by activater

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857Submit 3 games you would like to see in the night stream tomorrow: (just refresh to add another game)unknown34
729What games would you like to see on thursdays 24 hour stream?unknown128
701Sub games for Friday! (vote 3 times!) Subscribers64
674what 2 games for tomorrows giveaway?unknown15
660Vote for Sub Friday Games! (vote 3 times for the same game or different games)Subscribers90
659Games for Sub Friday (vote 3 times for different games or same game) Top 4 will be chosen.Subscribers0
515Games youd like to see?unknown43
479Games You Would Like To See Activater Play Besides H1Z1. (vote up to 3 times)unknown34