Latest 10 Polls by activater

Poll ID Question Poll type Votes
31708 Final Round unknown 43
31707 Last Game unknown 30
31637 game unknown 68
31635 game Normal 30
31633 game unknown 46
31606 Last game? unknown 40
31603 asdfg unknown 26
31602 next game unknown 27

Latest 10 Text Input Polls by activater

List ID Question List Type Entries
857Submit 3 games you would like to see in the night stream tomorrow: (just refresh to add another game)unknown34
729What games would you like to see on thursdays 24 hour stream?unknown128
701Sub games for Friday! (vote 3 times!) Subscribers64
674what 2 games for tomorrows giveaway?unknown15
660Vote for Sub Friday Games! (vote 3 times for the same game or different games)Subscribers90
659Games for Sub Friday (vote 3 times for different games or same game) Top 4 will be chosen.Subscribers0
515Games youd like to see?unknown43
479Games You Would Like To See Activater Play Besides H1Z1. (vote up to 3 times)unknown34